We are very exited to have you in this 2020 Amphibian and Reptile Workshop!

Here we describe some options for this workshop in Meling Ranch;

you can also visit their web page: https://ranchomeling.com/accommodation/casa-2/


Rancho Meling



Rancho Meling

Sierra de San Pedro Mártir

Ensenada, Baja California


There is no phone reception at the Ranch, but Wi-Fi is available.


Email: info@ranchomeling.com

Telephone: USA 011 52 1 646 240-5115 - MEX. 646 240-5115

Accommodation options

1) Rent a room

Rancho Meling has single and double very comfortable rooms.


Price: $70-90 dll per room/night

*Check out they're multiple night discounts


Due the dates of the workshop, the rooms are very requested. If you would like to reserve a room, we recommend making your reservation as soon as possible.



2) Camping


Rancho Meling offers the opportunity to camp. This service includes bathrooms and hot showers.


Price: $10dlls per person/night


If you plan to camp, just let us know, so we can make the camping reservation for all the people camping during the workshop. 

Meals options

1) Rancho Meling Service

Rancho Meling has a spacious dining room in which food is prepared for the guests of the house.


Prices*: Breakfast: $8.00 Dlls     Lunch: $10.00 Dlls     Dinner: $15.00 Dlls


*doesn't include drinks

2) Join our group lunch         (available for April workshop only)


We have the possibility of bring food and preparing it with the help of our excellent cook Aide Martorell. With a fee of $25 dlls a day, you can enjoy excellent seasoning and typical regional food, and spend time with the staff.


Prices: Breakfast: $5.00 Dlls     Lunch: $10.00 Dlls     Dinner: $10.00 Dlls

Include drinks (coffee, water, soda)

3) Bring your own food

Rancho Meling has space in the camp ground so you could cook and prep your own food. You would need to bring your stove and utensils.


Let us know once you have chosen you're accommodation and lunch options at: workshops@faunadelnoroeste.org