The Arroyo Toad (Anaxyrus californicus) is a fascinating amphibian species inhabiting western regions of North America.


With its distinctive brown color and rough skin texture, this toad has developed notable adaptations for life in semi-arid habitats and intermittent streams. Its moderate size, robust body, and prominent eyes are distinctive features.


This toad plays a crucial ecological role in controlling insect populations, contributing to the balance of the ecosystem in which it resides. Despite facing conservation challenges, the California Toad stands out as a valuable and emblematic species in the aquatic and semi-aquatic ecosystems within its geographical range. 

The workshop is designed for you to have numerous opportunities to see, hear and find this species at a variety of locations and among different types of microhabitats.


This Master-level Arroyo Toad workshop will give you a hands-on encounter with the species while assisting permitted biologists with their work to support the toad populations, incorporating your experience to research level surveys and occupation assessments in Northern Baja California


You will see Arroyo Toads in their occupied habitat during breeding season and larval rearing lifestage and should expect to see adults and subadults.



The leaders of this workshop bring a wealth of expertise, boasting decades of experience in surveying and assessing the Arroyo Toad's activity. With a great understanding of this species' behavior, they excel in locating occupied territories, especially during the crucial breeding season. Their shared knowledge enhances the workshop involvement so you can get valuable insights into the intricacies of this toad's life cycle and ecological interactions.


Participation in this workshop is anticipated to significantly enhance your capacity to apply for and obtain a recovery permit for the species.


All funds generated from the workshop will go towards supporting Fauna del Noroeste non-profit organization and our conservation efforts.


May 20 - 23, 2024


The activities will be centered in Northern Baja California.


$950 USD / person / 4-day workshop